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Chewing Gum: Preventing Cavities The Fun Way

When you go to convenient stores, you will find chewing gums. When you walk through the park, there are passers-by chewing gum. When you have an important date in half an hour's time and can't be bothered going home to brush anymore, you often just pop in gum and chew it on the way.

Ever since the invention of chewing gum in 1870 by Thomas Adams, many people have been inclined to the activity. For a few of them, it's an age-old habit that they can no longer seem to shake off. For a lot others, chewing gum is their best friend when they feel the need for a quick breath freshener or in coping up with nervousness. Whatever the reason may be, gum chewers would be glad to know that their favorite chewing gum has another amazing benefit in store for them.

Now, preventing cavities is no longer that much of a drag. By chewing sugarless gum, you're not only freshening your breath, you're also helping fight your own cavities. Here are some fun facts about this:

1. By chewing gum, you contribute to the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is your mouth's natural cleaning agent. It rinses your mouth by neutralizing the acids that destroy the tooth enamel.

2. There are instances when brushing and flossing will fail you. Chewing a few sugarless gum every now and again helps in removing the leftover food debris in your mouth when your brush and floss can't.

3. A dry mouth can lead to a number of dental problems which is a big bummer for those who are naturally unable to produce sufficient saliva to maintain a wet, healthy mouth. Gum chewing for at least 10 minutes every hour for two weeks at the very least is a possible solution to this oral dilemma.

A Quick Disclaimer

Not all chewing gums can be helpful to your health which is why this article expressly states "sugarless" chewing gum. Gum which has sugar in it, like all other food that contains sugar, is harmful to your overall dental health.

However, if you really can't replace your sugar-containing gum with artificially sweetened ones, at least be sure to chew it for 15 or 20 minutes, just so that your saliva can naturally wash away the sugar from the gum after you've chewed it all up.

Also never forget that while chewing sugarless gum helps in a big way, it is never meant to replace brushing and flossing. For more information, contact a dentist such as those found at Dr. Robert P. Mcgraw.

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