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Is Your Teen Upset They Need Braces? Try One Of These Alternative Correction Options

If your teen needs braces but they are afraid of drawing unwanted attention to their mouth, you can pick options besides the traditional metal bracket and wire braces. You will want to talk with their orthodontist about bilingual braces, Damon System braces, and get information on Invisalign.

The sooner you fix the orthodontic problem your teen is dealing with, the better. There are pros and cons to all of these different corrective options, and you will just need to decide which the best corrective option for your teen.

Bilingual Braces

Bilingual braces are braces that go on the back of the teeth, so they are difficult for others to see. This won't be an option for all orthodontic problems, and some orthodontists may not want the hassle. It can be more difficult to get the brackets properly located on the back of the teeth, to do repairs when needed, and to tighten the wires. If your teen wants bilingual but the orthodontist says no, you may want to consider the following two options.

Damon System

The Damon System is a new type of braces that correct the teeth faster than traditional braces, with fewer adjustments and less pain. The braces have clear wires and brackets to make the braces less noticeable, and they are self-litigating and don't require rubber bands with use. Instead, a sliding mechanism will tighten the teeth into their proper place. Since there are no bands required, it's easier to brush and floss around the braces.


Invisalign doesn't actually require brackets and wires, but instead fits like a clear plastic mouthpiece over the teeth. Your teen can remove the pieces when they want to eat or care for their smile, and it's difficult for others to notice these pieces. The major downfall of Invisalign is that the cost can sometimes exceed $6,000.

You don't have to force your teen to smile with a mouth full of shiny metal that reflects all of the nearby light if you pick one of these corrective orthodontic options that are available. You will want to talk with your teen's orthodontist like Leo R Cullinan DDS MS to see what corrective option they think will be best to adjust your teen's smile as needed, and talk with the office to see what your insurance is going to cover on all of the different options. This allows you to make the best decision for your teen and your wallet.

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