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Why You Should Consider Going For Different-Colored Braces

While braces are very necessary to align teeth and improve the appearance of smiles, they are often painful and annoying. One way orthodontists can make the period you have to wear braces more fun is to offer braces in different colors. Braces are no longer silver colored metal strips that make your mouth look like a chain link fence. Today, you can flash a color of your choice every time you smile, and make others smile back at your trendy look.

You can choose a color that matches your hair, your mood, or your clothes, and then the next time you have an appointment, anywhere from one to eight months later, you can choose a different color altogether. If you want to make a statement, you can choose two or three colors at once, selecting the colors that are prominent in your national flag, or the colors of your school. You can pick your favorite color, or just a color you think will look really cool in your mouth.

The color most commonly chosen is blue, though some orthodontists have up to thirty different colors to choose from. The most popular color combination is blue and red, though you may want to combine two dark colors or two light colors. The options seem endless.

What are your choices?

  • Metal colored – Traditionally, braces were constructed with silver colored metal, and in some cases, gold colored metal. The material is an alloy made of stainless steel, nickel, and a small amount of another material. If you are sensitive or allergic to stainless steel, you can ask your dentist for gold plated or actual gold braces. You might also choose gold as a social statement, to show your friends that your braces are just another part of your jewelry ensemble.
  • Off-white – If you want your braces to be hardly visible, you can go with ceramic composite brackets that are close to the color of your teeth. Then ask your orthodontist to use a clear arch line, and clear or white ligatures. Anyone close to you will still see you have braces, but from a distance and in distant photographs, nobody will notice them.
  • Multicolored – There is a wide range of colors and tones available for the ligatures applied to your braces. They include variations of red, yellow, blue, orange, and crimson, as well as black and white. There are also metal and phosphorescent colors. Some children like to have a different color for every tooth, creating a rainbow effect. Girls generally go with traditional pink and purple, though many girls also love baby blue, red, or yellow.

Remember that choosing a color for your braces is not the same as shopping for clothes. You can't try several options in one sitting to see what looks best, and you can't keep the orthodontist waiting. Think about a color or color combination you want before your appointment. Contact a specialist, such as Karla M. Kreger D.D.S., for further assistance.

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