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About Closing Up Large Gaps Between Teeth With Dental Implants

Are you frustrated with having big gaps between teeth and ready to close them up without a long wait? Cosmetic dentistry is the fastest way to improve the look of teeth, and you may want to consider an investment in dental implants for the gap problem. Find out in this article why you can't go wrong with dental implants, as well as what you are estimated to spend on them.

Why Should Someone Spend Money on Dental Implants?

When there are big gaps in between teeth, it creates an area in which there is no jawbone stimulation. You need a full mouth of teeth for each area of jawbone to be stimulated, as it is important for promoting more bones growth. A lack of jawbone stimulation can also lead to your teeth falling out because they don't have sturdy bones to keep them secure. Leaving gaps in your mouth for too long can also lead to the spaces become larger and detracting from the appeal of your smile.

Another worthy reason to invest in dental implants is the natural look that they will give you. It is difficult to distinguish between real teeth and artificial dental implants, so you can smile without the paranoia of someone noticing that your teeth are false. The implant is a metal device that will sit in your jawbone to act as a root for an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth will basically be screwed onto an abutment that is attached to the metal post, which will make it more secure.

The best thing about dental implants is that you can get them installed fast. However, the overall speed of getting them installed will depend on the condition of your oral health. For instance, if you have gum disease, it will have to be treated with antibiotics before the implants are installed.

What Do Dental Implants Cost?

If you need only one implant, you should expect to pay at least $2,400 or more. If you need to undergo bone grafting or have teeth removed before the implants are installed, you can spend anywhere from $4,000 to over $10,000 for each implant. You must also understand that cosmetic dentistry is not typically covered be dental insurance, but you may be able to make payments on the procedure through financing. Don't delay making an appointment, with a clinic like Charlottesville Dental Medicine at Forest Lakes, so you can start the process of closing up your gaps with dental implants!

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