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3 Situations Where Same-Day Dental Implants Might Be The Best Choice

Dental implants are sturdy, natural-looking dental replacement options that also tend to involve a very long process from initial appointment to false crown placement. Same-day dental implants are alternative options for those who fit the criteria and want a faster process.

What are the situations where same-day dental implants might be the best choice? Here are some points to discuss during your next visit to your cosmetic dentistry professional.

Healthy Bone and in a Hurry

The most common reason for wanting same-day dental implants is the far shorter procedure time compared to traditional dental implants. But that quick installation also means the same-day implants aren't right for every patient.

Dental implants have two key parts: a metal root that's inserted into your jaw and the artificial tooth crown that snaps onto that root. Your jawbone will grow or fuse around the root to hold it into place in a process called osseointegration. Weak or less dense bone can cause osseointegration failure and require you to undergo a bone graft before receiving a dental implant.

Same-day implants are not a good choice if you have weak jawbone that could fail to fuse. You would be better off to simply undergo a bone graft now and then head into the traditional implant process.

If you have healthy and thick jawbone, however, you might qualify and consider same-day implants. 

Replacing a Tooth in the Front

The traditional implant process can leave you without a tooth for months on end. There are some temporary replacement options your dentist can provide, but those options don't always look or feel particularly natural – especially when your missing tooth is in the front of your mouth.

A same-day dental implant might be a good choice for you if having a missing or false-looking front tooth would cause you personal or professional issues. You will leave the office the day of your same-day implant confident of your smile.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

You might consider same-day implants replacing multiple teeth for the same cosmetic reasons associated with replacing a front tooth. This holds particularly true if the missing teeth are well spread out around your mouth, where a reasonable and comfortable temporary dental replacement such as a partial bridge would not be possible.

Ultimately, you need to discuss your specific needs and treatment options with your cosmetic dentist. Ask if a same-day implant would be right for your situation and jawbone health.

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