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Did You Crack An Incisor? 2 Questions You May Have

Your incisor teeth are crucial for chewing on food, as well as giving you a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, it's possible to crack one of your incisors. While it is typically due to trauma, it could also happen due to tooth decay. Having a damaged incisor creates some functional and cosmetic issues, which is why you may have these 2 questions about dealing with it.

What Will Happen If The Incisor Is Not Repaired?

The cost of repairing a cracked incisor may be enough to scare you away from fixing the tooth. You should know that the problem can get much worse than it already is if you do not do anything about it. A cracked tooth anywhere in your mouth has a higher chance of developing a cavity, because the damage compromises the tooth's enamel and makes it more susceptible to decay.

In addition, a cracked tooth is more likely to develop an infection. This could eventually require you to need a root canal at some point if the infection gets to the root of the tooth. While the costs to repair the tooth may be expensive, the costs to fix it once it gets worse could end up being much more. Visit a dentist ASAP to assess how bad the damage is.

How Should An Incisor Be Fixed?

If you get to your dentist early enough, the repairs should be relatively easy to do. This is because a dentist could clean and reconstruct your tooth. This process is done with bonding material like dental cement, which is molded to match the natural shape of your tooth. The process not only restores your tooth, but covers up places where the enamel is missing due to the crack.

When the tooth has major damage and bonding cannot be used to fix it, there are other options to repair it. A crown can be placed on the tooth that works like a cap, reinforcing the tooth for functions like chewing. The crown also helps the tooth look natural, which makes your smile look great once again.

An incisor that is cracked does not have to be embarrassing or painful. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to find out what the repair options will be. You may be surprised to learn that the damage is not so bad and the repairs can be affordable, or that repairs are necessary to prevent larger dental issues.

Speak with a dental professional to learn more, or visit one's website for additional reading.

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