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2 Tips To Keep Your Clear Stent Clean After A Lateral Pedicle Graft Procedure

If your doctor uses tissue from the roof of your mouth during your lateral pedicle graft procedure, then your mouth may feel like it has suffered a mild burn. While the roof of your mouth heals and repairs itself, your dentist will install a clear stent to protect the area. The clear stent needs to remain unmoved for the first few days. Once this time has passed, it is important to keep your stent clean. Your stent has the ability to trap and attract bacteria and other debris. If these contaminants are not swiftly removed, this can result in infection. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help clean your stent while you recover from a lateral pedicle graft.

Remove Food from Your Mouth Using Salt Water

After eating a meal, most people will experience a small buildup of food particles throughout their mouth. In a healthy mouth, this may not be cause for concern; however, following your lateral pedicle graft surgery your mouth is more vulnerable. In addition, the clear stent can trap some of the food particles without you noticing. In order to thwart bacteria growth, use salt water to clean your mouth thoroughly following your meals. Salt water is frequently used after dental surgery because it effectively kills off bacteria. Take a cup of warm water and add two spoonfuls of salt to the water. Wait for it to dissolve, then move the rinse around your mouth for a few minutes.

Remove and Clean Your Stent Before Bed

Going to bed with a dirty mouth is one of the easiest ways to ensure bacteria growth and possibly tooth decay. This also applies to going to bed with a dirty stent. If you leave your stent in your mouth throughout the entire day, then it has come into contact with all of the foods and drinks that you have consumed. Therefore, it is important to use a commercial antibacterial rinse to clean your stent before going to bed. A good antibacterial rinse will help to remove bacteria, food and sugar buildup. In order to use the rinse, simply pour a cup of the antibacterial rinse and soak your stent in the rinse for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. Once the stent is clean you can reapply it to your mouth.

Keeping your dental stent clean after going through oral surgery like a lateral pedicle graft can be a bit tricky. Use these tips to help make the process much easier.

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