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2 Reasons To Consider A Same-Day Crown

A crown procedure is designed to apply a protective covering over the root of your tooth and attempt to protect the remaining structure of a decaying or broken tooth and is used when the tooth is so far gone that a filling would not be sufficient. When getting a crown, it is important to ask you dentist about a same-day crown, as it can provide multiple benefits over a traditional crown procedure. Listed below are two reasons to consider a same-day crown.

Saves A Lot Of Time

One of the biggest reasons to look into a same-day crown is the fact that the procedure can be completed so much quicker than a traditional crown. When you choose to get a traditional crown, you have to be prepared to go to at least two separate appointments that are typically separated by several days or weeks. This delay is due to the fact that once the dentist prepares your tooth for the crown by cleaning out the decay and taking a mold of the tooth, he or she will then order the crown from a dental lab. 

This is an inconvenient process for anyone that has a very busy work schedule that makes it difficult to take time off from multiple times for the same procedure. However, many dentists are now purchasing the equipment to create their own crowns in-house, which allows them to clean out the decay, prepare your tooth for a crown, and apply the completed crown in a single appointment, which is a much easier process to fit into your busy schedule.

Helps You Avoid Unnecessary Discomfort

Another reason to consider having a same-day crown is to allow yourself to avoid any unnecessary discomfort. The source of discomfort that many people experience when getting a traditional crown is a result of the temporary crown that they must wear until their permanent crown is received and applied. While this temporary crown is only meant to be worn for a week or two, that is still a week or two that can be quite uncomfortable. 

The reason for this is that a temporary crown is prone to shifting a lot, which can cause the edges of it to dig into your gums and scratch you. Another source of discomfort is that this temporary crown can also allow liquids to get under it and reach your nerves, which can lead to sharp pain. Since a same-day crown does not require a temporary crown, you can avoid all of these issues.

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