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Signs That You Have Weak Enamel and What to Do about It

Enamel is the hard, white layer on your teeth that offers protection from extreme temperatures and tooth decay and shields the sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the inner tooth. With time, the enamel layer can get eroded, especially due to sugary foods and plaque on the teeth, leaving your teeth exposed to sensitivity and decay.

Proper dental hygiene can help remove plaque from your teeth, preventing excessive wear and giving your enamel time to naturally restore itself. Here is a look at signs that you may have weak enamel and corrective actions you can take to restore the strength of your teeth. 

Signs of weak enamel

Erosion of tooth enamel often exposes the inner layer of the teeth which is softer and yellow in color. If you notice your teeth are turning yellow, you should consult your dentist, as this could point to enamel erosion other than just tooth staining, especially if the teeth appear rounded at the edges. Transparent-looking teeth essentially points to poorly developed enamel, often due to the depletion of minerals from the body. This is usually accompanied by white spots on the teeth. 

Another common symptom of depleted enamel is advanced cracking around the edge of the teeth. The cracks can be made worse by trauma or teeth grinding. If you notice any damage on the edge of your teeth, you should consult a dentist immediately. 

What to do

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you are likely to suffer from cavities and tooth sensitivity. It is important that you visit your dentist for evaluation and treatment so that your teeth regain their strength. 

Your dentist will likely recommend that you use fluoridated toothpaste while brushing, as it helps fight bacteria while essentially strengthening your tooth enamel. Be sure to also swish water in your mouth after meals to help wash away acids on your teeth. Dental products that can help remineralize teeth, such as amorphous calcium phosphate, may also be a good option to strengthen your teeth. 

A healthy diet rich in calcium is also vital to the process of mineral-rebuilding. Avoid sodas, sweets and other foods that are rich in sugar and acids and be vigilant about flossing to remove food stuck between teeth. 

If you suffer from dry mouth, be sure to visit your dentist for treatment, as the condition often lowers the level of saliva in your mouth and causes the loss of minerals from your teeth at a faster rate. The condition can also make your teeth more vulnerable to bacterial attack and cause difficulties chewing and swallowing. 

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