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Nervous About Dental Implant Surgery? Here Is Why You Should Not Be

Despite the fact that more people are choosing to use dental implants to replace missing teeth, some people are still nervous about the procedure. The nervousness has led to them avoiding dental treatment. If you are anxious about getting dental implants, here are some reasons why you should not be.  

You Could Avoid Additional Tooth Loss 

Part of the dental implant process is ensuring that your jawbone is in good condition. If not, the dentist can take steps to create a healthier foundation for the implants. The action could potentially result in saving teeth.  

When the jawbone starts to deteriorate, the loss of bone could result in loss of teeth. As a result, you could require more extensive dental work to prepare the damage that has been done to your jawbone, gums, and teeth. The additional work will be more expensive and could make it difficult to afford the help you need.  

The Cosmetic Surgeon Has a Detailed Plan for the Procedure 

Depending on the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, you could be required to undergo several procedures to have the implants completed. However, this should not concern you. Before the surgeon does any work on your implants, he or she will create a detailed plan for addressing every dental problem you have.  

He or she will go over the plan with you and ensure that all of your questions are answered before scheduling the first procedure. By the time you are ready for the procedure, you will know everything possible about the procedure and the recovery period.  

The Procedure Is Not as Painful as Many Believe 

One of the many reasons that people avoid dental implants is a fear that the procedure will be excruciatingly painful. This is absolutely not true. The procedure does leave you with some mild discomfort, but it is manageable with the help of over-the-counter pain relievers.  

You can also use ice packs to help prevent swelling, which can contribute to the discomfort. After a few days, the discomfort will ease and you continue on with the recovery period. You will have to stick to a soft food diet until your gums heal, but many consider it worth it because of the end result.  

If you are thinking about getting dental implants and are still struggling with nervousness, talk to your dentist, like Oral Surgery Associates Inc. He or she can help any additional questions that you might have and help you with making a final decision.

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