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Three Root Canal Myths

Without adequate knowledge, the news that you'll need to schedule a root canal procedure can be concerning. Luckily, most of the discomfort or fear you may feel is rooted in myths that could very well be untrue.  Realize that the following are falsehoods so you can get your recommended root canal without trepidation.

You Don't Need The Procedure

A part of you might suspect that you really don't need to have the root canal performed now. You might fool yourself into thinking that the pain is bearable if you keep taking over-the-counter painkillers. However, it's important that you realize that continued neglect of this dental issue could result in more serious pain than what you might already be suffering. Not only that, but overusing pain medication could itself become a medical problem that needs attention. 

The Pain Will Be Excruciating

One thing people seem to fear the most when about to have their root canal is that they will be in terrible pain during the procedure and afterwards as they attempt to recover. You may not experience horrible pain, depending on your overall dental health. If your gums are sore, sensitive and you already know you have some signs of gum disease, you may be uncomfortable after the procedure, for instance. What you should know is that your dental professional will be anesthetizing your mouth so that you should feel nothing. They won't even begin until they know that you're unable to feel them working. Even afterwards, you ought to be prescribed adequate medication to prevent pain from becoming overpowering.

You Probably Need Additional Work

Once the procedure has been completed, you might start to wonder if that was all you needed to have done. You may worry about the tooth that still remains in your mouth even though the nerves have been removed; you might think that the tooth will decay and need to go as well. You might now be nervous about all the teeth you've got.

However, the reason that these procedures are done is so you'll be able to stop living with pain and your tooth can remain in place for chewing and other functions.  If your dentist has not recommended removal of that tooth, you should be able to keep it as long as you care for it well. Your other teeth might be completely fine. You can take steps to avoid additional root canals or teeth problems by ensuring you keep up with your appointments and brush adequately.

When you're able to separate root canal truth from the myths, you can feel better about what lies ahead. Your dentist can give you more accurate information about your specific dental situation if needed. For more information, contact companies like Apollo Dental Center.

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