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Increase Your Sales With A Nicer Mouth

If you are in sales, then you want to make sure you do everything you can to increase the amount of sales you are able to make. This means making sure you dress the part, making sure your hair looks nicely done each morning and doing all you can to have a pleasant mouth that isn't offensive. The way your mouth smells, looks and even feels can help you to make a sale. While this may not seem right, it is the way the sales world tends to work, so if this is your career then you want to make sure you accept this and use it to your advantage.

Make sure you don't have bad breath

If you are in sales, then you definitely want to make sure you have fresh smelling breath. If you are talking to someone about your product or service and bad breath is offending them, the chances are more likely that they are going to want to end the conversation quickly to get away from your breath than them wanting to stick around and buy from you. Bad breath can be caused from gingivitis, a sour stomach, a bad tooth, an infected tooth or something you have eaten. If you can't determine the cause yourself, get in to see the dentist, so you can put bad breath behind you before it starts negatively affecting your income.

Make sure you don't click when you talk

Sometimes, when a person goes to talk they can have an annoying clicking sound coming from their mouth. If you have ever had this happen then you know that even drinking some water won't help. This sound can be so annoying, and it can cause a person to focus more on the clicking than what you are actually saying. There is one thing you can do that will stop the sound. Eating an apple before you approach a customer will stop the clicking, so you can increase your chances of getting that sale.

Have a nice-looking smile

If you have a lot of problems with the look of your smile, then it can be distracting to those you are talking to. If you have stained teeth, you should go in to the dentist to have them professionally whitened. If you have other problems such as gaps, crookedness or other issues of this nature, veneers may e an option to have the issues taken care of rather quickly. If you have a broken tooth, a crown may be a good option to fix the problem.

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