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Cosmetic Dental Procedures For More Attractive Teeth

Having straight, white teeth can help boost your confidence. However, many people have naturally imperfect teeth. Other people have developed dental imperfections over time, due to their dietary choices, oral trauma, or decay.

Still, just as there are dental applications available to improve the health of the teeth, there are also dental applications designed to improve their appearance. Here are a few cosmetic dental procedures that make the teeth look more attractive.

Chemical Bleaching

Dental bleaching products use whitening chemicals, such as peroxide, to help remove food and beverage-based stains from the teeth. The stains develop as the pigments or colorants in the foods that you eat become trapped in the pores of the tooth enamel. 

Although dental bleaching products are available for consumer purchase over-the-counter, professional applications are performed by a cosmetic dentist. Professional bleaching products are considered safer and more effective than products designed for at-home use by consumers.

During a bleaching session, the dentist simply applies the product to the teeth and allows it to rest in place for the designated time. Since the gums may become irritated from prolonged contact with a bleaching solution, the dentist may coat the gums with a protective barrier to prevent contact. Additionally, the dental professional may apply ultraviolet light to the coated teeth to intensify the whitening effects of the bleach.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are tooth-shaped, ultra-thin shells of dental ceramic material that are bonded to the teeth to improve their appearance. The veneers hide the dental imperfections and offer immediate improvements in the look of the teeth. 

Unlike some dental applications that only address one cosmetic issue, veneers can be used to correct multiple issues at once. They can correct the look of misshapen, discolored, cracked, gapped, and misaligned teeth. 

To prepare the teeth for the application of the veneers, the dentist removes a bit of enamel. Although the preparation process permanently alters the teeth, veneers are considered permanent and would continue to cover the altered teeth indefinitely.

The veneers, which are designed from an impression of the patient's mouth, are bonded to the teeth. Due to the precision of their design, the veneers fit flush with the gum line. The devices should continue to fit properly unless changes to the structure of the mouth occur, such as the recession of the gums. 

To learn more about cosmetic applications that could improve the look of your teeth, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in your local area. 

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