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What To Expect When A Tooth Cracks

Crack! Nobody wants to hear their tooth make that noise, but it can happen nonetheless. Hard foods and biting things that you shouldn't, like hard-to-open packaging, are often responsible for this kind of tooth injury. If you've cracked a tooth and aren't sure what to expect from your dental treatment, then read this simple guide to find the answers you're after.

Minor Crack

When your tooth has a minor crack, it's typically a relatively easy fix.

The first thing your dentist will do is perform a dental x-ray to ensure that the crack is indeed minor. If it appears that it's just a hairline fracture, it can be fixed with a filling. Rest assured that this doesn't mean that your dentist will need to use a drill; they'll perform a deep cleaning and then use the filling material to effectively caulk up the crack, sealing it off from bacteria and plaque. This will keep your tooth in one piece and prevent further damage from being done to it either by additional breaks or from decay.

Full Break

If it turns out that your tooth is badly cracked or downright broken, then more in-depth care may be needed.

In some cases, a filling can be combined with a crown to repair a tooth. In this case, your dentist will perform the same type of filling procedure as they would for a minor crack. Then, to ensure the tooth's structural safety, a crown will be placed over it. This crown will resemble your real teeth perfectly, as each one is custom-ordered to be a perfect fit in how it feels, works, and looks.

However, in other cases, a root canal may be necessary. This is only when a tooth is badly broken. Root canals remove the inner pulp and other softer tissues of the tooth that may have been damaged when your tooth broke. This will ensure that you don't have any nerve pain or other problems with the tooth in the future. Then, a filling and a crown will still be used to close off the tooth from the outside world.

Dental crowns can do a lot for a cracked tooth, and are typically utilized to help protect teeth from becoming more damaged. Try not to worry about how deep the crack is, and just be glad that there's an easy solution out there that will get the results you need without risking the loss of your tooth. To learn more, contact a company like Demianko Dental Care.

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