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Diseased Tooth Roots: Know These Signs Of Needing A Root Canal Treatment

The thought of getting a root canal treatment is scary for some individuals. This is often because of the misconception that root canals are painful. Innovative advancements in dentistry have resulted in root canals treatments being considered a pain-free or a procedure that may cause mild pain. Many individuals who need root canals discover that they need the procedures after having toothaches. For these individuals, it is important to note that a root canal procedure is likely going to be less painful than a severe toothache or tooth extraction. It can also be a valuable option to prevent tooth loss. The following points identify things you might experience if you need a root canal. 

Tooth Pain that Returns

Toothaches are abnormal regardless of whether they are persistent or come and go. They can also range from mild or moderate pain to severe throbbing pain. A good indicator of a potential need for a root canal is a frequent at-home treatment of toothaches using pain relievers. If pain relievers only cause temporary relief, you may have an oral issue that needs to be addressed by a dentist. There are other issues that can also cause toothaches such as cracked teeth or damaged enamel. This is why an examination is the best option for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Altering Eating Patterns

If you have to change the way that you eat to avoid tooth pain or sensitivity, there is an underlying reason. Common sensitivities are reactions to hot or cold drinks. Some individuals may also experience pain if they eat sweet foods. This can cause individuals to avoid certain foods or drinks even if they used to enjoy them. Another pattern change is starting to avoid chewing food on one side of the mouth in an effort to not "upset" the problematic tooth.

Holes and Discolorations

Both of these are signs of decay. Holes in teeth make the affected teeth roots susceptible to bacteria entering them and infecting tooth roots. Discolorations can be caused by things other than decay, but when it is accompanied by pain, it is likely an issue with infected tooth roots. 

Sensitivity to Chewing

Chewing food requires force from the jaws to properly grind food to get swallowed. If you find that the pressure of chewing food makes your mouth uncomfortable, it could be the pressure from chewing and pressing down on damaged tooth pulp. Continuing to ignore the issue can lead to a worsened infection. A dentist is a good resource to use for optimal oral health and root canal treatment information. Contact a dentist for more information about root canals.

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