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3 Things To Know About A Dental Abscess

Have you been experiencing throbbing pain in your gums and cannot chew food without a substantial amount of discomfort? You are likely dealing with a gum infection, and it may have led to an abscess developing that requires the attention of a dentist. It isn't possible to treat an abscess without going to the dentist, as the infection must be treated with antibiotics and possibly other dental methods. If an abscess is left untreated for a long time, it can lead to the infection moving to other areas of your body, such as your neck. In some cases, an abscess can lead to a tooth having to be extracted, but a dentist will do everything possible to prevent it from happening.

1. Signs That a Dental Abscess is Present

The throbbing pain that you feel might mean that the tooth near the pain is infected and has an abscess. If the infection has led to a lump of pus that is forming on your gums near the tooth, it is the most obvious sign that you have an abscess. However, keep in mind that an abscess does not always show up on the gums. If your gums are swollen and red, it is another sign that an abscess might be present. Difficulty breathing or fevers are other signs to look for if you have an abscess.

2. Methods for Treating a Dental Abscess

The most common method used for treating an abscess is to take a prescription of antibiotics, as it can get rid of the infection and lump of pus. In many cases, a dentist must perform a root canal on an infected tooth, which allows them to remove the infected pulp. Because a root canal involves drilling a hole in the infected tooth, a filling or crown must be applied after the procedure is over. If your tooth is in too bad of a condition for a dentist to save it, extraction will have to be done. A dentist will explain what your options are for replacing the extracted tooth if it is necessary.

3. Preventing a Dental Abscess After Treatment

The key to preventing another abscess from developing is to keep your teeth clean by brushing them and getting them cleaned at a dental clinic on occasion. You do not want any cavities to develop because it will make it easier for bacteria to reach the pulp in your teeth and cause an infection. Get in touch with a dental clinic, such as United Dental, to find out if you have an abscess so it can receive prompt treatment before becoming worse.

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