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Why You Should Always Get Veneers Done In America

If you are someone who is considering getting veneers then you have probably seen a lot of different information online about how it is easy enough to get them done overseas. The main benefits of this are, of course, the price and the speed. Veneers do cost more in America, that is true, but there are a number of reasons why this added cost is so worth it. Before you book a holiday to Turkey or Mexico to get cheap veneers done, here are a few reasons why you should rethink that and talk to a dentist in America first.

You May Not Even Need Veneers

Sometimes you can accidentally self-diagnose a problem that you really do not struggle with at all but make yourself believe you do. Seeing a dentist will mean that you get an accurate diagnosis of your teeth and they can let you know whether you really do need veneers or if teeth whitening, dental implants, or other options could achieve a much better result for you. Dentists are there to help you in the best way they can while getting veneers overseas is purely a money-making operation for those companies; your health may not be their first priority.


The simple truth is that when you go and get your veneers done overseas you are risking your health to save a bit of money. You have no idea how qualified these dentists are and where that accreditation comes from. you don't know the history of the practice or whether they are well known for veneers or if they have just started offering them. For all intents and purposes, you are a guinea pig that is hoping to get a good result, but there are many horror stories out there that should lead you to be more careful and trust the much more regulated American dental industry.

Better Fit

Often veneers done overseas are quite rudimentary and may look good when they are just finished, but after only a couple of months of wear and tear will start to show warning signs. At that time, you have very little recourse to getting them fixed and will likely have to pay an American dental surgeon to do it anyway. American dentists are far better trained and equipped to create strong veneers that are perfectly fit to your teeth with as little damage as possible to the internal pulp and teeth moving forward, leading to an overall healthier mouth. 

For more information on veneers, contact a professional near you.

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