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Protect Your New Dental Implants And Enjoy The Benefits

Dental implants are a great natural and worry-free solution for a missing tooth. However, some dental patients fail to consider that they need to continue to take diligent care of their teeth and their implant if they want them both to last. Read on and find out more.

Implants are Strong

While dental implants can be stronger and more worry-free than bridges, partials, or dentures, that does not mean that they are stronger than your natural teeth. Teeth are one of the hardest and hardiest things in the human body, but they can still break, crack, get decayed, and fall out, as you have probably experienced. That is why implant patients should take care of their overall dental health just as they usually do to obtain the best results. However, if you have not been careful of your dental practices up to now, now is the time to change your habits.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

The enemy of your teeth and gums is bacteria and it can be challenging to rid your mouth of it entirely. Brushing and flossing after each meal and rinsing with an excellent quality mouthwash is vital. Nighttime hygiene is the most crucial time of all since bacteria can multiply at will while you are sleeping. If you have a dry mouth from a medical condition or medication, you must add moisture back by using a special rinse or chewing gum to keep your mouth washed constantly.

While most people agree to do the above, many may not realize why those steps are so important, particularly after a dental implant procedure. When your implants are new, the titanium post that is anchoring the implant to your jawbone is susceptible to infections. The post must grow into the jawbone if the implant is to be stable and long-lasting. Bacteria in the mouth can lead to an infection near the implant site. That could create a need to remove the implant until the infection can be cleared up. This will only prolong the attachment process.

Watch What You Eat

It's important to treat your implant gently, especially in the first few months after surgery. Your dentist will probably provide you with a list of foods to avoid during this time. That list will often include hard foods like nuts, tough meats, hard candy, ice, and more. On the other hand, healthy fresh fruits and vegetables provide a way to clean your teeth while eating.

Speak to your dentist about oral hygiene and eating habits after your dental implant surgery.

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