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Potential Signs Of Juvenile Diabetes Revealed After Tooth Extraction

Juvenile diabetes, also known as type I diabetes, may be difficult to diagnose in its early stages when it may be asymptomatic. When symptoms do occur, they may include excessive urination, extreme thirst, weight loss, mood changes, and vision loss. In addition to these, other signs and symptoms of juvenile diabetes may manifest inside the oral cavity. Here are some telltale signs of juvenile diabetes that the pediatric dentistry professional may notice at your child's follow-up visit after a tooth extraction.

Poor Socket Healing

Both juvenile diabetes and diabetes mellitus (type II diabetes) can raise the risk for poor wound healing, including wounds inside the mouth. This means that after your child gets their tooth extracted, the socket may be slow to heal. In addition, because of the risk of diabetes-related poor circulation and decreased blood flow, the protective clot that typically forms over a socket after a tooth is pulled, may not develop properly.

The protective blood clot may also fall out prematurely. When this happens, the risk for a condition known as "dry socket" can develop. Dry socket can lead to severe pain and infection, in some cases. 

Infection And Gum Disease

Other signs that may alert the pediatric dentistry professional to the presence of juvenile diabetes are socket infections and advanced gum disease. If these signs are revealed during your child's post-extraction examination, the dentist may ask you if your child has experienced any of the above symptoms of juvenile diabetes. If they have, the dentist may recommend that you schedule an appointment with your child's pediatrician for further evaluation and blood glucose monitoring.

One type of oral infection that is common among diabetics is candidiasis. This is a type of fungal infection that causes people to develop patches inside their mouths. The patches are not usually painful, however, they can become irritated and bleed if they are scraped with a toothbrush or hard foods.

If juvenile diabetes is not recognized and treated early, the child may be at risk for tooth loss. If your child already lost some of their permanent teeth because of diabetes, the dentist may refer them to a pediatric prosthodontics professional. A prosthodontist is a pediatric dentistry professional specializing in dental implants and other restorative dental procedures. 

If your child develops any of the above signs and symptoms following a tooth extraction, make a dental appointment for them. Oral manifestations can be the first signs of juvenile diabetes and when diagnosed quickly, further disease progression and dental problems may be less likely. 

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