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How Dental Implants Can Be Used For A Full Set Of Teeth

Dental implants can be used to restore one tooth, attach a bridge to an area where you have missing teeth, or secure whole mouth dental implants into your mouth. When you have missing teeth and you are looking for a permanent solution, dental implants offer you choices. You will need to find out if you are a good candidate for implants, and people who are smokers can't receive implants unless they quit smoking. While you can rely on dentures that you take out each night, it is possible to use full mouth dental implants to have a more secure, functional set of teeth in your mouth.

How Full Mouth Dental Implants Work

When you get dental implants to replace your full mouth of teeth, you don't need to have one implant for each missing tooth. A set of dentures will be created that look and feel like your natural teeth. The dentist will put dental implants in your jaw that act as secure attachment points for the dentures. These fixed implant-supported dentures are not removed each night but can be taken out by your dentist if they need to be repaired. The dentures do not need adhesives, as they are attached to your mouth using implant technology.

Are You a Candidate for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

You have to be in general good health in order to receive dental implants. Smokers are prevented from getting implants because the act of smoking causes the dental implant rods to become loose. Smokers also have issues with gum dryness, a problem when you are trying to heal from dental implant surgery. If you are diabetic, your blood sugar levels must be under control before you can be approved for full mouth dental implants. If you have no serious health conditions, and you are not a smoker, dental implants can be used to restore your smile.

Dental Implants for One Missing Tooth

A dental implant can be used to replace one tooth if needed. A titanium rod is implanted into your jaw, and a crown is created that attaches to the rod. This tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth, and does not require any special treatment once the implant is embedded into your jaw. If you need full mouth dental implants, this process is not necessary. Implants can be used to secure whole mouth dentures, giving you a full smile without needing to create a new tooth for each missing one.

For more info about whole mouth dental implants, contact a local company. 

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